There have been many influences on this writer's Buddhist journey.  Family, friends, fauna, flora, and even inanimate objects. None of these teachers are famous, however, and their teachings were not recorded in any media other than an ordinary man's unreliable memory. Other teachers are more well known, however, and their lives and teachings have been recorded to one extent or another. It is these teachers, then, that are recognized here, starting with the most obvious one of all for a Buddhist, and then meandering through history to more current times. Perhaps the reader of this piece will discover a new teacher or two for themselves. If so, the joy of this writer is increased proportionately.
(Click on the teacher's name to go to read more on them.)

Buddha: The Indian prince that found enlightenment - and the one reading this now!

Ajahn Chah: A Thai forest monk strong on discipline & meditation...and funny!

Ajahn Sumedho: An American monk that has helped to establish Western Buddhism.

D.T. Suzuki: A Japanese scholar that brought Zen Buddhism to the West.

D.E. Harding: The British 'headless man' that pointed to our present reality.