Monday, March 7, 2016

Contemplation of the Mind

Knowing the mind leads to freedom

“But how does the disciple dwell in contemplation of the mind?

Herein the disciple knows the greedy mind as greedy, and the not greedy mind as not greedy; knows the hating mind as hating, and the not hating mind as not hating: knows the deluded mind as deluded and the undeluded mind as undeluded. He knows the cramped mind as cramped, and the scattered mind as scattered; knows the developed mind as developed, and the undeveloped mind as undeveloped; knows the surpassable mind as surpassable and the unsurpassable mind as unsurpassable; knows the concentrated mind as concentrated, and the unconcentrated mind as unconcentrated; knows the freed mind as freed, and the unfreed mind as unfreed.”

(Buddha, from the Maha-Satipatthana Sutta)


Was Once said...

I spent a day and half with someone in silent anger, and every time I would think to take it on, the feeling told me just observe, see anger in the mind, meditate, sleep less or whatever, but don't act out. Anicca, it will pass, and it is not directed at me, that is why no words said to me. Love and caring will shine another day, because I did not react.

G said...

Wonderful observations. Yes, this spaciousness knowing is capacity for all to arise, exist & pass away. Sometimes, it's just right to observe & nothing more.