Sunday, September 7, 2014

Buddha on Attentiveness & Awakening

Subhuti asked, “How can the practitioner who wishes to help all beings find enlightenment awaken the complete and perfect wisdom?”

Buddha said, “This most subtle awakening comes about through moment-to-moment attentiveness. By way of attentiveness, there is attainment to the ways in which things manifest, such as form and consciousness. The practitioner awakens to perfect wisdom by becoming blissfully free from obsessions with habits, names, sense experiences, personal feelings, and with dread of dying and all despair that goes with it.

“Free to experience all the rising of manifestation and its interdependent functioning without believing it to be the final reality, the practitioner avoids two fundamental errors – that this relative world is rooted on any solid foundation, and the opposite error that the manifest forms we see are mere illusions without proper physical and moral implications for every single mind-flow.”

 (Buddha, Prajnaparamita)

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