Friday, August 17, 2012

Seeing Haiku

is it Buddha
that glistens
or the seeing?

falling leaves
thoughts disperse

ah! what relief
attention reversed
finding no-thing

mind is rain
falling nowhere
eternal downpour

I am lost
in your baby eyes
innocent gaze

perfect sickness
aware space
watching 'as is'

a butterfly
is awareness
flitting within

cicada calls
drawing attention
back home

the black cup

looking here
no-one's found
except you

the forest is full
of chanting voices
and yet still...

this old body
sprouts into
the ageless

a face stares
from a puddle
at nothingness

the lizard
is stillness

noises arise
in silence

we merge
in the presence
of your face

back and forth
in eternity

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