Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dukkha v.3

This pain pervades the whole world,
Saturated as it is in misery.
Images of suffering children merge
Into the spasms of these nerves.

A screaming babe, umbilical intact,
Aging parents adrift in the past,
Lovers sickened by their embrace,
Blackened mourners in the rain.

Happiness is a thin veneer,
Beneath which lies the truth.
This is the inheritance of us all,
Birth, aging, sickness and death:

In each moment of misery, however,
The lion's roar can be heard aloud;
Calling us all to awareness of
The promise of a cool breeze.


Nic said...

Hello G,

I wondered if I may ask a favour?! I was just about to say I am new to Buddhism, but actually that isn't true. I realise I have been following the path for a very long time. What I am new to is teachings and thoughts from others who are wise in the Buddha department, and I don't know where to start. I think of a question, and I search about, and I end up more confused than when I started. I have begun to follow a few blogs on here, but some of them are so huge they seem impersonal and I feel a bit overwhelmed.

So, I was wondering whether if I asked a few questions now and again on your blog, whether you would be able to point me in the right direction to find the answers. Or could give me your own opinions perhaps.

I think that once I have found some good sites, I'll probably have to bother you less and less, but will keep following your blog none the less!

Pixie :-)

Dean 'Jagaro' Crabb said...


G is a really great guy and very insightful, I'm sure you'll find his words inspirational and thought-provoking. Not to steal his thunder but I'm also happy to help and answer questions. I have a blog which covers meditation practice from a practical approach which you may find helpful. I also do Readers Q&A's on occasion where you can ask a question and I'll answer it.

Anyway, stick around, you'll find G's blog really great. I'm a regular here but I'm also happy to help. Just offering support.

Dean 'Jagaro' Crabb

PS. G, nice poetry. I like it.

freespace said...

G: the wonder of this blog is that which seems to be happiness and suffering is just an illusion whereas beneath lies the truth of awareness and nothingness. like this pixie, you felt you already gone through many rebiths in which this is not the first one. according to the buddha even the heavens or immortality is either illusory or simply a myth. what he taught is that the end of suffering is through practicing good deeds leading to awareness and detachment knowing that all is illusion a practioner now knows there is no suffering thus ending the cycle. it is not nonexistence but just levelling up the veil of illusion.

G said...

Pixie, please write as many questions as you like; I'll be glad to answer them as best I can - and probably a few of the blog's other readers will pitch in, too! So, what's your first (proper) question?

G said...

Jagaro and Freespace - well done for joining in. More the merrier for sure!