Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buddha Space Meditation

Whatever your mudra...meditate!

Meditating on a daily basis can be a wonderful thing to do. It helps the mind to let go of its pet likes and hates and open up to the way things are right now. It enables awareness to see thoughts as thoughts, emotions as emotions, opinions as opinions, memories as memories, and sensations as sensations. In this plain knowing, identification with these various stimuli is loosened, even completely abandoned, and then the bright nature of the mind - 'Buddha Space' - comes to the fore, lighting up experience with a calm gaze:

Each moment merges into the next,
falling out of a nothingness
that cannot be grasped
between the whistle of birdsong
and the wind gushing from a fan
that tickles against the skin.

Thoughts are born into clarity,
then pop like mental bubbles
dissipating into the void of now
which is the very Wisdom Eye 
of Buddha, forever awakened.

Silence washes everything clean,
an endless ocean of serenity
upon which each mind ship bobs,
before sinking into the depths
of this glorious flowing expanse.
Happily submerged in the deep.


Vera Causa said...

Very nice. Thank you.

G said...

Your welcome, Vera.

Was Once said...

Daily Meditation is a great stress buster allowing you to "download" worries and fears, and "see" the root causes of dissatisfaction or even anger.

G said...

Well put, Was Once.

Anonymous said...

Excellent....a practising meditator knows what he narrates from his own exprerience.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

G said...

Writing from experience can be very powerful, Swan - just read the works of Ajahn Sumedho, Ajahn Brahm, D. T. Suzuki or D. E. Harding to find out how powerful...

What a beautiful commemt, Jackson!