Friday, February 20, 2009

All Faiths and None

Venerable Amaranatho, a Buddhist monk residing at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England asked me to take a look at an Internet project he is involved in called AFAN (All Faiths and None). Having taken a look at the site, I can vouch that it's certainly worth a look for anyone interested in interfaith and humanist issues, with contributors representing Buddhism (Venerable Amaranatho), Christianity, Hinduism, Humanism, Islam, Judaism & Sikhism. For reasons of accuracy (and laziness) Venerable Amaranatho is quoted here:

"All Faiths and None (AFAN) is aimed at providing web based resources for further education colleges. AFAN is composed of a group of people with different worldviews who are exploring some of the big questions in life from their personal viewpoints. The AFAN website provides resources to enable college learners and staff to develop an understanding of the big questions..

"The website includes short essays on a range of topics from death, to sex, to violence and freedom. There are also videos, music and images exploring these topics from a range of perspectives. The different resources can be used to explore further the values and beliefs held by people in the world today. You can some of my Buddhist essays which are directed towards young people at

"AFAN hope that these resources will help to build mutual understanding, and recognition of common values and unique differences. Teachers wanting to use these resources in their institutions will find the necessary tools to facilitate this in the teachers' section of the website."

So, why not take a look at AFAN by clicking on the link below - which is interesting even if you are not a college teacher or student - and learn about the varied perspectives of various traditions on important is a genuinely stimulating site!

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